Information for Hirers

We are pleased to say that we are now reopened to hirers, but we encourage you to continue to use simple safety measures to ensure that your members feel confident to attend your events.

Please take a moment to read the information for hirers document below, which describes the church management’s decisions with regard to reopening. There is also a simple risk assessment template which we ask you to complete as part of your booking.

Our premises are ‘no smoking’; are not licensed for the sale or consumption of alcohol; are not licensed for public entertainment; and are not covered by an open television licence.

A deposit of £50 will be required for occasional hires (parties, etc.). This will be returnable provided that the premises are left clean and tidy, but part or all of it may be forfeited if they are not. A member of the Property Team will come to lock up, and will check the premises before you leave.

Copies of the full versions of our terms and conditions for hire may be found here.

Hire agreement – regular hirers

Hire agreement – occasional hirers